What harm can be caused if the tower crane hanging is carried too fast?


Damage caused by the rapid transportation of Tower hoists
Tower hanging in the field of transportation, construction and other areas, playing traditional manpower transportation difficult to reach the high efficiency advantage, but also brought new security risks. Among them, it is often mentioned that the tower suspension is too fast.
It is well known that in order to speed up the busy loading and unloading business, tower crane drivers often use the method of increasing the speed of tower crane, which causes the problem of excessive centrifugal force of hanging objects.

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 It should be known that if the hanging object is out of control due to the rapid lifting, it may cause incalculable losses to ground personnel and even buildings.
Therefore, "rather to be stable, not dangerous" should become the consensus of the vast number of tower crane drivers, and here reliving the tower crane ten not to hang knowledge also has a very realistic necessity.

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