tower crane running limiter and tower crane wind Anti-Slip device


As a qualified tower crane practitioners, should be familiar with the various tower crane accessories, in the event of a failure can be timely and correct handling. Today take you to know two tower crane accessories: tower crane running limit and Anti-Slip wind device.
First, the tower crane operation limiter
For a tower crane running in orbit, a limit device shall be provided for each moving line of defense. The limit device consists of a limit switch, a buffer, and a terminal stop.

R86 Mast Section

The buffer is used to ensure that the rail tower can be parked smoothly without violent impact. Its location is installed at a minimum distance of 1 m from the end of the track.

The large car running limiters are usually installed with the end of the walking trolley, and each front and rear trolley is equipped with a set to allow the tower to stop completely before the running track base end buffer stop device.

 The limiter consists of a limiter switch, a rocker arm, a roller, and a bumper. The limiter's rocker arm is in an energized state when it is centered.

The roller has two limit working positions. The ramps on the near side of the rails laid at both ends of the track foundation play a role in pushing the roller.

According to the slope direction of the ramp, the roller moves to the limit position to the left or right respectively, cutting off the power supply of the vehicle walking mechanism.
Second, the tower crane anti-skid device

R86 Mast Section

The wind Anti-Slip device works when the tower is suspended in a non-working state, and the rail clamp is clamped on both sides of the track to prevent the tower from taxiing.

 The clamping device used by the tower crane is generally a manual mechanical clamping clamp. The clamp is installed at both ends of the frame of each walking trolley.

When it is not working, put the clamp down and turn the bolt so that the clamp is clamped on the track of the tower crane. Working status, turn the clamps up and down.

R86 Mast Section

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