tower crane is the product of the starting weight and the corresponding amplitude



Can produce a variety of models, provide the latest and most comprehensive various types of Tower hanging prices. Below, to introduce for everyone what is the tower lifting moment, lifting moment is one of the important functions of the tower lifting parameters.

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 The so-called lifting torque is the product of the lifting component and the corresponding amplitude of the tower. The former calculation unit is t.m, and the current measurement unit is kN.m. Conversion association: Individual can be simplified to 1t.m = 10kN.m.
The maximum lifting moment is the most important parameter of the tower lifting ability. It is the holding value of the tower lifting stability. The lifting weight of the tower decreases accordingly with the increase of the amplitude.

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 Therefore, there are rated lifting weights at various ranges, and the different ranges and corresponding lifting weights are drawn into a graph of the lifting performance of the tower, indicating the additional lifting weight at different ranges.. Ordinary tower cranes can be fitted with different arm lengths. Each arm length has its own specific lifting curve.
In order to avoid excessive torque during the operation of the tower crane, all tower cranes are equipped with torque limiters.

L68B2 Mast Section

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