tower crane hoist safety operation rules should be observed during construction


Recently, some students proposed that during construction, which tower hanging safety operating procedures should be followed? This site is summarized below from three aspects: the operation requirements, personnel requirements, and environmental requirements of the tower crane:
Operational requirements:
1, after the tower crane is installed, the vertical deviation between the tower body and the ground must not exceed 3 inches. The motor and hydraulic parts of the tower crane shall be executed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the motor and hydraulic devices.
Before the operation, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment, driving roads, overhead wires, buildings, and the weight and distribution of components at the work site.

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3, the tower crane's car variable amplitude and arm variable amplitude limiter, walking limiter, moment limiter, hook height limiter and various trip limit switches and other safety protection devices must be complete, sensitive and reliable, and must not be arbitrarily adjusted and removed. It is strictly forbidden to replace the control mechanism with a limiting device.
4, tower lifting operation, there should be enough work space, tower lifting heavy arm rod lifting and no obstacles within the radius of rotation.
No one may stop or pass under a heavy object when lifting a tower. It is forbidden to carry people by tower.
6, in the tower crane swing, amplitude change, walk and hook lift and other actions, the operator should sound warning. Check the voltage of the power supply should reach 380 volts, and the range of changes should not exceed +20 V, -10 V.

The start control switch before transmission should be zero. Switch on the power supply and check the metal structure for leakage.
7, the control room and the tower far from the ground in the normal command difficulties, may set up high altitude, ground two command personnel, or take effective contact to conduct the command.

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8, the use of Tower hoist for cable-drawing, cable-hoisting and lifting under the placement or condensation of heavy objects on the ground is strictly prohibited. Concrete components or templates that are poured on site must be fully loose before they can be lifted.
9, when lifting heavy objects should be tied smoothly and firmly, must not pile or hang sporadic objects on heavy objects. Sporadic materials and articles shall be tied at marked locations. The angle between the rope and the object shall not be less than 300.

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