The tower crane is prone to accidents when it is overloaded.


In the case of tower crane overloading, accidents are likely to occur. The following is an analysis of the consequences of tower crane overloading.
(1) The lifting exceeds the rated lifting moment, and the moment limiter is damaged, dismantled, not adjusted, or not regularly calibrated, causing the moment limit position failure to cause an accident.
There are more such accidents and more damage caused after the accident. As we all know, the quality of the tower driver is uneven.

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 Many drivers think that the tower machine has a certain insurance coefficient, and it does not matter if it is overloaded. It is not known that the insurance coefficient of the tower machine is set up to adapt to different operating conditions.

One overload does not matter, two overload did not have an accident, not only did not feel that the hidden danger of the accident was sprouting, but as an experience, even as a kind of ostentatious capital: "The arm is stipulated to hang 1T, I am fine to hang 2T." And I do not know that disaster is coming quietly.
The torque limiter is the most critical safety device for tower cranes, and should be maintained and adjusted regularly.

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Second, the torque limiter fails, lifting at night,or lifting steel ropes to hang buildings or unknown objects, causing an instantaneous overload of the tower or sudden unloading of the tower machine to cause an accident.
At night, the line of sight is blurred and it is easy to make mistakes; Driver fatigue at this time, there are often "early work, early rest" paralysis and fluke psychology.

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