the second hand tower crane record work


In the process of purchasing second-hand tower hoists, it is particularly important to do a good job of filing. This is an important part of ensuring safe production and construction, and it must not be neglected. How to do the second hand tower hanging record work
In general, after the transaction of the second-hand tower crane, the main body that owns the tower crane should land on the online office hall of the local housing and township construction committee website for registration number application.

The second-hand tower crane should fill in the manufacturer, factory number, original value of the equipment, and tower crane model. Detailed information.

L68C Mast Section

Of course, for some enterprises or individuals who are not familiar with the information business, it is also possible to send personnel or personally register with the local construction committee after the transfer of second-hand towers.

The commission will check the original and keep a copy. All materials shall be stamped with the legal person's official seal of the property right unit on the copy.

The property rights unit shall provide the mechanical registration and preparation certificate, the copy of the business license of the property rights unit, the crane purchase contract and invoice proof, the product qualification certificate, and the "special equipment manufacturing license" of the tower crane production enterprise.

L68C Mast Section

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