the safety devices for the tower crane, and what are their functions


Hook Insurance Device:
The main prevention is when the tower is hanging, the weight drop is hindered by the hook still falling and the cable delink accident caused. This device is equipped with a spring pressure cover at the hook opening.

The pressure cover can not be opened upwards but can only be pressed downwards to prevent the rigging from being removed from the opening.
Roller safety device:

L68A1 Mast Section

It mainly prevents the failure of the transmission mechanism, causing the wire rope not to be arranged in a row on the reel, so that the flange at the end of the reel is crossed and an accident such as biting rope occurs.
Climb the ladder guard:
(1) When the height of the ladder is greater than 5M, the guard ring is set from 2M above the platform. The guard ring should be kept intact, and there should be no excessive deformation and few circles, welding and other phenomena.
(2) When the ladder is set inside the structure, if the distance between the ladder and the structure is less than 1.2 M, no guard rings may be provided.

L68A1 Mast Section

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