the replacement of tower crane fittings notice


Tower hanging fittings can not be replaced at will, and can not be replaced with other accessories, tower hanging fittings have strict requirements for replacement. The stability of the tower crane is related to the safety of the entire site.

The replacement of the tower crane accessories should pay attention to the following issues:
The torque limiter must be debugged before being installed at each site.
2 It is strictly forbidden to use other electrical components or switchgear that do not belong to this equipment.

S69B2 Mast Section

3 In repair on various occasions, no other materials and substitutes may be freely used without the consent of the manufacturer, and units or individuals are strictly forbidden to modify themselves.
4 It is strictly forbidden to install or hang wind Shields such as placards and billboards on the metal structures of the installed towers to avoid accidents in strong winds or other environments.
5 It is strictly forbidden to install fixed devices such as ground anchors or pull ropes in equipment in other fields to the tower crane.
6 It is absolutely forbidden to use the working structure, metal structure, and electrical system as accessories for other equipment. The accessories of this equipment are specially used for this equipment and can not be used for other tower lifting equipment.

S69B2 Mast Section

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