the relationship between the price and structure of the tower crane can help buyers make correct judgments


Tower crane is the abbreviation of "tower crane". With the prosperity of the real estate market in recent years, the tower crane market is extremely hot. Many companies have launched related production projects, and tower crane companies and tower crane leases have also shown prosperity.

The price of the tower is rising due to the rising cost of manpower, materials, and energy. Numerous tower crane manufacturers and various functional tower crane models have caused great difficulties for companies and individuals who purchase tower cranes.

Therefore, to grasp the relationship between tower hanging price and tower hanging structure can help buyers make correct judgments.

L46A3 Mast Section

Tower lifting can be divided into three major parts: metal structure part, mechanism part, control part. The proportion of these three parts in the production cost of Tower lifting is roughly: 60, 30, and 10.

The metal structure of the crane is the skeleton of the crane. Its role is to withstand the crane's weight and various external loads during operation, It consists of boom, balance arm, tower cap, Turntable, tower body and bottom frame(walking tower crane also includes frame beam, door frame, leg beam, etc.).

L46A3 Mast Section

 The parts of each working mechanism of the crane are installed or supported on these metal structures. Whether the material selection and structure of the modified part are reasonable is closely related to the safety of the tower crane.

The cost of this part is not only related to the performance parameters of the crane, but also closely related to the structure of the components and the materials selected.
In particular, the main structures that affect the cost of Tower lifting are: tower crane superstructure, tower body and bottom frame system. Under the same load, the internal forces of the metal structure of the tower crane are also different.

L46A3 Mast Section

 The size of the materials used is naturally different, and the production costs will also be very different, but different structural forms have their own strengths.

Suitable for different engineering needs, they are widely used in the world and have strong vitality. The tower cranes can be purchased and used correctly only if their characteristics, force and cost are understood.
From the material point of view, the tower crane is mainly made of steel. The steel used is roughly the following: profiles, plates, pipes and rods.

In the design of selected materials, the following types of materials are often used as important force structures according to national standards

 Different materials of steel have different prices. This difference is not only based on steel futures and spot prices, but also has a close relationship with the cost, technology and output of steel making.

L46A3 Mast Section

In most cases, the price difference between Q235 and Q345 in profile materials is about 5 inches; The maximum difference between welded pipe and seamless pipe can reach 50 <UNK>; The difference between round steel and 45, 40Cr is 30 <UNK>.

 It is worth mentioning that some tower crane production units ignore the National standards and replace Q235B, Q345A, Q215 with Q235B, Q345B, 20 #, 45 #, and 40Cr.

The reliability of the product is also greatly reduced while greatly reducing costs. This is also an important reason for the frequent occurrence of tower crane accidents in recent years.

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