The performance and quality of the tower crane lifting mechanism directly reflect the performance of the whole machine


Tower lifting is a necessary lifting equipment in the construction, transportation and logistics industry. The performance and quality of Tower lifting mechanism directly reflect the performance of the entire tower lifting.

 At the same time, the tower lifting mechanism is also the most powerful mechanism in the three major mechanisms of the tower lifting. It mainly consists of motors, speed reduction machines, brakes, and racks.
First of all, let us understand the motor parts in the lifting mechanism -- the type of motor used in the tower crane and the lifting performance of the long arm crane for good or bad voting.

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 So far, the lifting Motors widely considered suitable for use are: multi-speed Motors, winding Motors, Variable frequency motor.

Its performance and price are increased one by one, the same type of product is not the same manufacturer's production process, its quality and price difference is also very large.
The tight continuation is a speed reducer that can not be absent from the tower crane parts.

Until now, the tower crane has considered it appropriate to use a multi-stage cylindrical gear speed reducer. However, because the market competition is very tight, the company's management philosophy is different.

The production process that is considered suitable and used is not the same, and its quality and price are very different. According to my understanding, in order to meet the low demand of the market, some speed reduction machine factories do not do heat disposal and external disposal at all.

L66A3 Mast Section

As a result, the performance of the products is not guaranteed at all, and the survival period is greatly reduced. It quickly revealed a very noisy situation.
In addition to this, the reliability of the tower crane brake in the lifting mechanism also directly affects the safety performance of the tower long-arm crane.

The selected factory value should be concerned. The metal structure of the frame is roughly similar to that of the tower long-arm crane. The main effect is to provide physical support for the lifting mechanism. Whether its structure and material selection are reasonable is also a problem for demand.

L66A3 Mast Section

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