The performance and quality of the lifting mechanism determine Tower crane the performance of the whole machine


The part of the tower that can be lifted up is the tower lifting mechanism. It is also the most powerful mechanism in the three major structures of the tower lifting.

It is mainly composed of motors, decelerators, brakes, and racks. Its performance and quality directly reflect the performance of the tower crane, which determines the lifting capacity of the tower crane.
First of all, let us understand the motor part of the lifting mechanism-the type of motor used in the tower crane and the good or bad determine the lifting performance of the tower crane.

L68B1 Mast Section

 At present, the widely used lifting motors are: multi-speed motor, winding motor, frequency converter motor. Its performance and price are increased one by one, and the same type of different manufacturers produce different processes, and their quality and price vary greatly.
Immediately afterwards, it is an indispensable reducer in the tower crane parts. At present, the tower crane uses a multi-stage cylindrical gear reducer.

However, due to the fierce competition in the market, the business concepts of different enterprises are different, and the production techniques used are different.

Its quality and price vary greatly. As far as I know, some gear reducers do not do heat treatment and surface treatment at all to meet the low prices of the market. As a result, the performance of the product is not guaranteed at all, the life span is greatly reduced, and there is a lot of noise soon. situation.

L68B1 Mast Section

In addition, the reliability of the tower crane brake in the lifting mechanism also directly affects the safety performance of the tower crane. The selected manufacturers deserve attention. The frame is similar to the metal structure of the tower crane.

Its main role is to provide physical support for the lifting mechanism. Whether its structure form and material selection are reasonable is also a problem that needs attention.

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