the maintenance work of steel rope of tower crane


Tower hanging wire rope is an important part of Tower hanging, bearing huge pull force. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the maintenance of steel wire rope.

 This article introduces three points, the maintenance method and the attention in the use of steel wire rope.

L46C Mast Section

1. After the tower crane is installed(before use), the wire rope shall be lubricated, and the graphite grease shall be applied again. Afterwards, the lubrication of the wire rope shall be carried out according to the "crane lubrication meter".
2. The overall design of the tower crane does not allow the wire rope to have an indefinite life, and it should be scrapped after reaching its service life.
3. During the use of wire ropes, steel wire ropes should be prevented from ringing, twisting, bending or sticking debris to prevent friction with mechanical or other debris.

L46C Mast Section

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