the maintenance cycle of the crane parts


The tower crane is an open-air and high-altitude working machine that has been tested by the sun and rain. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of rest and replacement. Now, the tower crane fittings maintenance cycle.
Tower hanging accessories are numerous, each part of the work role, work roles are different, so the maintenance work should also be easy to difficult, according to the system. To institutionalize management, operational procedures, command standardization. The red maintenance of construction lifts is divided into: daily maintenance, primary maintenance, minor repairs, mid-repair, and overhaul.

R86 Mast Section
The work content of Tower lifting maintenance varies depending on the structure of its type, requiring strict daily maintenance. Daily maintenance is carried out in each shift by the operating driver.

The specific time can be carried out between shifts in the work class or during the succession process. Power must be cut off during maintenance to stop the machine. Once the parts are found to be seriously worn, they should be shut down, shut down and replaced in a timely manner.

R86 Mast Section

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