The L48A1 mast section how to help Tower Crane rise



Nowadays the skyscrapers in the city more and more high, among them much less dozens or even hundreds of layers, build up the difficulty is very big, is conducted with the aid of tower crane, is that we often meet at the site of a parallel and higher than the structure of the metal shelves, and then gradually raised floors with the tower crane is how to follow higher?

Actually tower crane is oneself grow, before the installation of tower crane need to be on the ground to build a foundation, the foundation must be made by reinforced concrete, only in this way can bear the weight of the tower and construction materials, the tower crane is by ordinary L48A1 Mast Section Section Section assembled, under the careful person may find tower crane cab has a larger metal sleeve, can the whole set in ordinary metal shelves, the sleeve is called climbing Section, containing hydraulic device, can climbing upward along the tower.

When the tower crane need higher, he will start up the hydraulic equipment in the Section, the whole tower crane is climbing upward to the top of a certain position, then line boom lift L48A1 Mast Section, and shipped, mount climbing festival, at last the workers in the tower internal screwed tower, always repeat the above standard, tower crane will slowly rose to more than 600 metres high, this is where a rise in general process of tower crane, remove the tower crane is also the principle of use, just steps are just the opposite

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