the functions of the tower crane attached wall device and clamping clamp


What are the functions of the tower attached wall device and clamping clamp? Tower attached wall device and clamping clamp are important safety equipment for tower hanging. It is necessary to correctly grasp the function of Tower attached wall device and clamping clamp.
The role of the tower attached wall device:
(1) The strength of the force attached to the building must meet the design requirements.
(2) When attaching, apply theodolite to check the vertical degree of the tower and make adjustments. The arrangement of the poles for each attached wall device, the spacing between them, and the vertical distance of the attached wall device shall be in accordance with the specifications.

L68A1 Mast Section

(3) When the length and angle of the attachment rod need to be changed due to the particularity of the project, the strength, stiffness and stability of the attachment device shall be checked to ensure that it is not lower than the safety degree of the original design.
(4) When rail lifting is used for attachment, it must increase the bearing capacity of the orbital foundation and cut off the power supply of the walking mechanism.
The function of the pincer:
When rail crane is used in the open air, anti-wind clamp rail pliers should be installed. The clamping clamp device must ensure the braking effect after the clamping. When the driver needs to leave the tower crane for lunch, work and temporary parking, the clamping clamp of the tower crane must be clamped in accordance with regulations before leaving.

L68A1 Mast Section

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