the function of several kinds of tower crane safety devices


This article says the function of several kinds of tower crane insurance device, tower crane insurance device is indispensable tower crane accessories, must understand in detail.
(1) Tower Hang Hook Insurance Device
A safety device that prevents a sling from slipping off the hook. That is, a pressed spring piece is installed at the opening of the hook head, and the opening is closed.

R87 Mast Section

The spring piece can only be pressed down. After placing the Sling, it can not be turned up, which can prevent the Sling from falling off automatically.
(2) Safety devices for tower hoists
An effective measure to prevent a wire rope from causing an accident outside the reel due to improper winding. The practice is different. It is mainly to weld a steel bar outside the reel, limiting the wire rope to move within the reel.
(3) The fixed foundation excavation groove of the tower is 600mm deep, and concrete is poured on the gray soil. The surface is flat and has waterproof and ground protection measures.

R87 Mast Section

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