the components of a tower crane, tower crane model standards, classification


First of all, the composition of the tower crane accessories can be divided into: basic, tower body, top lift, rotation, lifting, balance arm, lifting arm, lifting cart, tower top, driver's cab, variable amplitude and other parts according to the functions of each part.
Model Standard

120HC Mast Section

According to national standards, the model standard for tower cranes is QT, where "Q" represents "crane" and "T" represents "tower". It is usually a domestic standard title, and because our country learns from the German Hefaguo's technology manufacturing tower crane, some manufacturers also define the model name according to foreign coding rules.
With the increase of tower crane manufacturers, tower cranes can be divided into many varieties according to the form of design, such as self-lifting tower cranes, inner climbing tower cranes, flat-headed tower cranes, boom tower cranes, and fast mounted towers. Hang and so on. There are also many criteria for distinction.

120HC Mast Section

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