The choice of the base form of the tower crane


The foundation of tower crane is the foundation of stability. It is very important to choose a reasonable form of tower crane foundation.

According to the construction documents provided by our customers, the foundation form of tower crane should be selected according to the construction plane layout and the hydrogeological conditions of the construction site.
Common options include the following:
1. Direct use of natural foundations

K637A Mast Section

This situation is applicable to the site where the soil conditions are better, and there is no less than 1.5 m in the depth of the foundation burial, and the characteristic value of the foundation bearing capacity of the soil layer is not less than 210 kPa.
2. Use sand and stone mats for soil layer replacement and indirect use of natural foundations
This situation is suitable for the poor soil conditions of the construction site, but there is a stable original soil layer with a minimum area of not less than 1.5 m within the applicable depth of the foundation burial of the tower, and the bearing capacity of the soil layer is not less than 90 kPa.

When the direct use of natural foundations can not meet the requirements for the bearing capacity of the foundation foundation, it is necessary to replace the inferior soil above the soil layer with a sand cushion.

It should be noted that the bearing capacity of the sand cushion should not be less than 210 kPa after being compacted., The thickness and area of the sand cushion replacement must be determined by calculation.

K637A Mast Section

3. Use of pile foundation as foundation for tower suspension
This situation is usually applicable to the construction site where the soil conditions are poor and there is no soil layer in the case of the above two cases within the depth of the tower foundation burial, or where the site is limited to deep burial of the tower Foundation. Pile type is in principle selected the same type of pile as the engineering pile to benefit the Shigongfangbian. In principle, the number of piles is 4 to increase the stability of the tower hanging foundation.

K637A Mast Section

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