the balance of the tower crane balanced in installation and work


Although there is weight is a certain solution to the problem, but when its moving arm is rising, the original moving arm that has been adjusted to balance is not balanced.
When the object rises, the gravitational action line does not move, so the force arm is unchanged.
First of all, when the tower is installed, the arm will be 7 degrees upwards. When the pointed force reaches the range of bearing, the angle between the arms and the tower body is only 90 degrees, so the tower machine is not flat, and then the tower cap is triangular between the balance arms and the arm suspension points. Therefore, in the lifting can be relatively stable!

L46A1 Mast Section

Secondly, the tower crane is fixed and attached, so the tower body is particularly stable and firm, and the tower crane is unbalanced under static conditions. It is also what the tower crane can withstand.

The objects suspended in the operating state are turned forward faster and faster. This means that the tower crane is nearly balanced, and the connection between the balance arm and the arm is active.

It can be automatically balanced by the pull of the secondary arm. You 'll see when you get a chance to experience it for yourself.

L46A1 Mast Section

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