the advantages of Super large flat head tower crane


The characteristics of Super large flat head tower crane-what are the advantages of Super large flat head tower crane?
1. High power, smooth rotation, strong wind resistance, high speed and high efficiency;
2. The standard section main string rod adopts the angle steel main string angle steel spelling Square, oblique abdominal bar square steel pipe;

L48A1 Mast Section

3. Square tenon head and pin shaft connection, not only beautiful appearance, but also small windward area, good stiffness, which is conducive to reducing the load of the tower crane, improving the stability of the tower crane, and more reasonable force, the tower crane operation is safer and more reliable, the car hook, can automatically change the rate, switching high efficiency;
4. The platform for the introduction of climbing frame is introduced under the introduction, and the work is more secure and reliable.

L48A1 Mast Section

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