Summary of the Time Interval, Maintenance Steps and Maintenance Requirements for the Major Repair of Tower crane


After a long period of operation, the tower crane will undergo major repairs. The maintenance steps and maintenance requirements of the tower crane will be strictly in accordance with the regulations.

The maximum repair interval for tower cranes should not exceed 15,000 hours. The maintenance steps and maintenance requirements are as follows:

L48A3 Mast Section

1. All detachable parts of the tower crane shall be removed, cleaned, repaired or replaced(unless the manufacturer has special requirements)
2. Derust, paint.
3. Lube oil should be replaced
4. All motors shall be disassembled, disassembled and repaired.
5. The instrument used on the tower shall be repaired, inspected or replaced in accordance with the relevant regulations.
6. Replace aging wires and damaged electrical components.
7. Check the cable or puller of the arm frame.
8. When the overhaul is delivered, the tower crane shall achieve the working performance of the product when it is delivered, and shall have supervision and inspection certificate.

L48A3 Mast Section

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