Strictly implement the management of every link in the life cycle of tower crane to avoid accidents



With the rapid development of the tower hanging industry in China, the quantity, type and quality of Tower hanging products have developed by leaps and bounds.

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Tower hanging accidents, especially malignant accidents, have been greatly reduced, but they still occur from time to time. There are many reasons for its design, production, installation and use.
The management situation of every link in the life cycle of Tower lifting is that there are production and manufacturing licenses and installation licenses.

Its management requirements are similar to those of the ISO9001 :2000 quality management system, and its requirements are strictly enforced. Theoretically, the accident of Tower hanging can be avoided.
The design, development and use of the tower crane are not strictly controlled
However, the author believes that the quality source of the tower crane product-the design and development of the tower crane and the use of this link control is not strict enough, leaving some hidden dangers:

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 First, tower crane design and development has no design qualification requirements. Units and individuals who can not obtain design qualifications without higher tower crane design capabilities are not allowed to transfer tower crane technology.

Tower crane production enterprises can not independently develop or use tower crane technology without design qualifications.
Second, the requirements for tower crane drivers are not strict enough. We believe that the requirements should be higher than the requirements of the car driver, to have a certain degree of professional knowledge, familiar with the performance of Tower lifting, and to conduct strict vocational training after the issuance and certification.

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 Without discussing this point, we will discuss the problem of the lack of strict management in the design and development of the tower crane manufacturing license and the harm caused by this problem. We hope to reach a consensus with the technical supervision and management and the leaders of the industry. Contributing to industry progress.
Design Review and Design Confirmation of Tower Hang Manufacturing Permit
The design and development of tower crane manufacturing license includes design input, design output, design review and design confirmation. It is a very complete design and development quality control program. Design review and design confirmation are important and indispensable to ensure the design quality of tower crane design. link.
The design review requires the company to conduct a systematic review of the design development to ensure that: a) participants in the review should include representatives of functions related to the review;

(b) Records of the evaluation shall be kept. Design confirmation requires an enterprise to confirm the design development, which should ensure a) that the product meets the specified use or intended use requirements; B) Confirm that records shall be kept.

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 Can provide different models of the largest size of the form of the test report. The evaluation process requires that the participants submitting the review include representatives of the functions related to the review content, which only ensures the credibility and authenticity of the review process.

Design confirmation can provide a formal test report of the largest specification product of different models, so that the design review and review of the confirmed product can not ensure the quality of the product.

This is because there is no requirement for technical personnel to participate in the evaluation. If the design and development capacity of the company is insufficient(currently 90 % of the tower production companies in China have insufficient development and design capabilities).

 the professional knowledge of the personnel participating in the evaluation is not high enough. Design review is difficult to achieve the purpose of product review and ensure the reliability of product design technology.
Different tower crane model test
Design confirmation can not fully achieve product quality confirmation by providing the form test report of the largest specification product of different models.

 Because the formal experiment report includes the size parameters, motion speed, safety device, empty load experiment, load load experiment, overload 10 % combination experiment, overload 25 % static load experiment, 70 % load continuous experiment, appearance quality, structure, reliability test, etc.. 11 items.

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 Among them, there are overloading 10 % combination experiments, overloading 25 % static loading experiments, and structural stress that ensure that there is no major malignant accident in the tower crane.

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