Standards and Requirements for the Construction of Tower crane and Safety Hats


The tower crane operator must wear a helmet on the construction site. The helmet can be said to be the protector of the tower crane at the construction site.

Since the helmet is so important to the safety of the workers, how to wear a helmet is the most correct? Please see below, tower crane construction, safety cap use standards and requirements.
1, choose a helmet suitable for their own head type, cap lining top and cap inner top must maintain 20-50 mm of space.

 With this space, an energy absorption system can be formed to distribute the impact on the entire area of the skull and reduce the damage to the head.
2, must wear a helmet, if wearing crooked, once the head is hit by an object, can not reduce the head injury.

L69B2 Mast Section

3, must buckle up the chin band. If the chin band is not buckled properly, the helmet will leave the head in the event of a fall or an object blow, which will not serve as a protection or achieve the best effect.
4, security in the use of the process will be gradually damaged, often to perform appearance checks. If abnormal damage, cracks, etc. are found between the cap shell and the cap lining, or if the horizontal vertical spacing does not meet the standard requirements, it can not be used again. Instead, a new helmet should be replaced.
5, if the helmet is not used for a long time, it must be stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from the heat source, and not subject to direct sunlight.
6, hard hat use period: rattan not more than two years; Plastic not more than two and a half years; Fiberglass for no more than three years.

The expired helmet must be tested and tested to meet the requirements before it can continue to be used.

L69B2 Mast Section

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