Some general emergency treatment methods for tower crane accidents


In recent years, with the strict and standard management of the tower crane industry, the occurrence of tower crane accidents has been reduced year by year, but it is still inevitable.  ground accident
The foundation is the "foundation of the tower" of the tower crane. The soft and collapsed foundation is the culprit of the tower crane collapse accident.

Therefore, once it is found that the tower crane foundation is sinking and tilted: the operation should be stopped immediately and the rotary mechanism should be locked to limit its rotation. The anchor is then set up according to the situation to control the tilt of the tower crane.
2, tower hanging overturned
The method of welding and connecting is adopted to increase the balance moment and control the dangerous development without destroying the instability force.
In accordance with the emergency plan, the tower crane is removed and the deformed parts are cut or adjusted with gas welding.

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3, tower boom
The tower crane is divided into two parts: the balance arm and the lifting arm. The former is the main part of the tower crane work, and the latter is the main mechanism for maintaining the balance of the tower crane. If a folding arm phenomenon is found, any action of the tower crane should first be stopped.

According to the emergency plan, according to the situation, the tower crane structure is reinforced by means of welding, or the tower crane structure is connected to other objects by connecting methods to prevent the tower crane from tipping and accidents during the demolition process.

 Then use 2-3 moderate tonnage cranes, a lock up arm, a lock balance arm. One of them acts as a balancing moment when breaking the arm to prevent the sudden change of force from causing tipping.

Following the order specified in the rescue plan, the deformed connecting parts in the lifting arm or balancing arm connector are removed, cut with air welding, and the arm rod is removed with a crane;

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Finally, according to the normal procedures to dismantle the tower crane, in case of deformation of the structure with steam welding cut.
4, tower structure deformation, fracture, welding
1 The tower balance arm corresponds to the deformed part, and the turning arm process must be stable and locked.
According to the situation, the structure of the tower crane is deformed or broken, and the welding site is reinforced.
The tower replaced the damaged structure.
5, Anchorage system danger situation
1 The tower balance arm corresponds to the building, and the turning arm process must be stable and locked.
2 Reinforcement of the tower anchor system.
3 If you need to replace Anchorage system components, first reduce the tower machine to a specified height, and then replace the components.

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