Selection of parameters and forms of Tower crane lifting


When choosing the tower crane, the first is to select the parameters. Among the parameters, the most important is the main parameter: the amplitude, the maximum amplitude from the weight of Heqi.

After determining the main parameters, it is determined which form of tower crane is selected: whether it is an inner climbing tower crane or an attached tower crane; It is a pitch variable movable arm tower crane, or a small car variable horizontal arm frame tower crane.
Various forms of Tower lifting features are introduced:
Experience has shown that the function of a 40t · M inner climbing tower crane can be matched by a 80t · M attached tower crane.

The use of attachment tower hoist needs to be equipped with more tower body standard joints, and must be equipped with the necessary number of attachment rods and corresponding anchorages.

K637A Mast Section

Therefore, from the point of saving one-time investment, the use of the inner climbing tower crane is economically reasonable.

However, in order to ensure safe production and obtain the best benefits, we should do a good job in the construction organization design of the inner climbing tower crane for lifting construction and the tower crane demolition plan after the completion of the structure.
At present, the domestic self-lifting tower crane is mostly a small car variable horizontal arm frame self-lifting tower crane, and only a few factories produce a small amount of pitch variable swing arm crane.

Therefore, from the point of view of supply sources, it is more convenient to choose a horizontal arm frame tower crane. However, when it comes to building a tower in a high-rise building like a forest environment, it is reasonable to pitch and swing a boom tower crane.

Because the joystick can be pitched freely, the boom will neither wave over the adjacent high-rise buildings nor collide with the surrounding high-rise buildings. It is precisely because of the above-mentioned characteristics of the movable arm self-rising tower crane that the Hongkong HSBC Bank Building used six movable arm self-rising tower cranes when it was built.

K637A Mast Section

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