Safety matters of tower crane: personnel mechanical management, insurance, electrical line distance, fire protection


The lifting work of the tower involves many aspects such as mechanical operation and high altitude operation, among which the emphasis is on operational safety. In summary, it can be summarized as safety matters for tower lifting operations: personnel machinery management, risk management, maintaining the safe distance of transmission lines, and fire protection.
(1) Holder
The tower crane driver and the command and signal personnel must be specially trained and issued by the relevant departments to pass the certificate, and the tower type operation skills learned by the driver should be consistent with the tower type of actual operation.
(2) Special aircraft management

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The tower crane operation should follow the captain's responsibility system. The captain(the chief of the crane) is responsible for the operation of the team's positions, duties, and powers. The operation must be strictly recorded, and the maintenance of the usual should also be taken care of at all times. In addition, it is necessary to strictly transfer the succession system. Avoid overworking the person/machine.
(3) It is necessary to make transfer insurance
After the new installation of the tower crane, the new tower crane lease or overhaul, the entire machine test operation must be carried out according to the requirements of the tower crane manual. During the test operation process, the performance can be ascertained, and all kinds of dangers that may occur can be eliminated. Really do "work well. Must first benefit the device. "

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(4) Maintain a safe distance for transmission lines
In the course of urban construction, tower crane construction often needs to be operated near the transmission line. Therefore, for safety reasons, it should be ensured that the tower crane arm should be far away from the transmission line so as to avoid danger.
(5) Fire protection preparations are indispensable
Since the tower crane driver often needs to work in the air, and the tower machine often produces high temperatures due to friction and motor operation during operation, the consequences will be disastrous once the tower crane cab fires.

In order to ensure the safety of the tower crane construction, the tower crane driver should be equipped with appropriate fire extinguishing equipment, such as dry powder fire extinguisher.

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