Safety and security measures for tower crane construction site



Safety measures for tower crane construction, safety measures for tower crane construction site.
1 Construction personnel are required to undergo admission education.
2 must wear a hard hat to enter the construction site, strictly prohibit drunk operations, not wearing slippers into the construction site.
3 Construction personnel are strictly forbidden to play and play on the scene.
4 The underground pipelines and cables encountered in the excavation of the earth must be reported in a timely manner, and the construction can not continue until the relevant personnel have verified and handled them correctly.

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 5 Excavation machinery must comply with the mechanical safety operation rules, mechanical safety devices are complete and effective.
6 Soil excavation is carried out in accordance with the prescribed order, and it is forbidden to use the operation method of hollowing the bottom angle.
7 Before using mechanical excavation, you must send a signal. In conjunction with the excavation personnel, work in the tank to pay attention to safety, no one must enter the scope of work of the excavator. When the excavator driver leaves the cab, the bucket must be landed.
8 Electric power tools must be equipped with electrical leakage protection devices. Before use, insulation should be checked to prevent electric shock accidents.
9 The welding machine should have a separate switch, the shell should be used as a zero and ground protection, the length of the first line should be less than 5M, and the length of the second line should be less than 30m.

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The two sides of the wiring are pressed firmly and a reliable protective cover should be installed. The welding handle line should be double-lined.

No metal pipe, scaffolding or structural reinforcement shall be used as a circuit ground line, and the wire of the welding handle shall be free of damage and well insulated.
10 Safety production management system cards are set up at the construction site, and safety signs must be placed around the foundation pit. And set up two body guard railings on the side of the trough, and set up red sign lights at night in danger.

S24D1 Mast Section

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