Regulations on power use of Tower crane hoist, attention to matters concerning power use of Tower hoist


This article summarizes the attention of tower crane, tower crane is a large mechanical equipment, the power consumption, voltage are relatively high, must ensure the safety and reliability of use. Below according to my factory customer use summary, tower hanging electricity regulations.
1,The power cable of the tower crane shall be made of five-core cable, and the cable shall be laid along the insulator.
2, tower power cable and other cables must be attached along the frame with 63 * 63 * 1500 square square wood fixed butterfly insulator cable tied along the insulator.
3, the tower crane operator working near the strong electromagnetic wave should wear insulated gloves, and wear insulated shoes, and should adopt insulation isolation measures between the hook and the body, or hang a temporary discharge device on the hook.
4, the safety distance from the external power line should meet the requirements of the specification.

K637A Mast Section

5, tower tower hanging above 30M, should be set on the top of the tower and the end of the arm frame red signal light(red obstacle light). The tower crane that needs to work at night should be set up with a fluorescent light facing the working surface.
6, tower crane lightning protection must be in place, reliable welding and meet the specifications.
7, tower crane of all kinds of limited protection devices must be complete, reliable, sensitive control device, control line laying specifications, protection in place.

K637A Mast Section

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