Narrator: annular collector, a safe part of the tower crane machine


Tower accidents are mostly caused by the lack of security measures. Now we know a safe part of the tower machine-circular collector.
The ring collector on the tower is to send the power supply from the fixed part of the tower crane to the rotating part, during which it is fed by the ring collector. The number of rings depends on the requirements of the tower of the electrical system.

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The structure of the ring collector is similar to that of the sliding ring and brush mechanism of the winding induction motor. Equipped under the tower body, it can rotate with the tower body. The brush 3 is fixed on the base of the crane. The collector ring 2 and the brush 3 are respectively Wired. The brush 3 is pressed against the spring 4's pull force. On the collector ring 2, For power.
The ring collector must often remove dust and dirt from the collector's ring and brush during use, and often check the pressure of the brush and the wear of the brush, such as replacing the brush if the wear is too large. Keep the brush in good contact with the collector.

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