Maintenance and repair of the mechanical part of the tower crane


Maintenance and repair of the mechanical part of the tower crane
1. Daily maintenance
(1) To keep institutions clean regularly and clean up parts of the dust in a timely manner;
(2) Check the amount of oil in each speed reducer, and if it is lower than the specified oil surface height, it should be refueled in time;
(3) Check whether the breathable plug of each reducer can exhaust freely, and if it is blocked, it should be dredged in time;
(4) Check the performance of each brake, and adjust it in time if it is not sensitive and reliable;

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(5) Check the bolts at each connection and tighten and supplement them in time if they are loose and fall off;
(6) Check the various safety devices and adjust them in time if failure is detected;
(7) Check all parts of the wire rope and pulley, if found excessive wear and tear should be handled in a timely manner;
(8) Check the lubrication condition of each lubrication site and add lubricating grease in time.

2. Minor repairs(after 1000 hours of Tower lifting work)
(1) performing daily maintenance work;
(2) remove the gear of the cleaning reducer and adjust the side gap of the tooth;
(3) Wash the gear of the open transmission and apply the grease after adjusting;
(4) to inspect and adjust rotary support devices;
(5) to inspect and adjust brakes and safety devices;

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(6) Check the wear and tear of hooks, pulleys, and wire ropes, and adjust, repair, and change them if necessary.
3. Zhongxiu(after 4,000 hours of Tower lifting work)
(1) to carry out minor repairs;
(2) repair or change the damaged parts of each coupling;
(3) Repair or replacement of brake tiles;
(4) replacing wire ropes, pulleys, etc.;
(5) Check the connecting bolts of the rotary support part and replace them if necessary. Note: Use high strength bolts when replacing;
(6) Derust and paint.
4. Major repairs(after 8,000 hours of Tower lifting work)
(1) carrying out minor repairs and various tasks in repair;
(2) repair or replace brake wheels, brakes, etc.;
(3) Repair or replace the deceleration assembly;
(4) Repair or replace the rotary support assembly.

S46J Basic Mast

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