lifting parts does the tower crane have to know


The tower crane is composed of three major institutions: lifting, turning, and amplitude. The three major institutions are composed of large metal components such as lifting arms, tower bodies, turntables, supports, balance arms, bottom frames, and spires. Lifting parts are also indispensable for a class of Tower lifting accessories.

Now, let's get together and find out what lifting parts are in the tower.
(1) Steel rope
In the tower lifting parts, the largest number of technical requirements and complex specifications are wire rope. The wire rope is usually made of a strand of fine steel wire with a diameter of 0.3 to 0.4 mm.

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The steel rope used for tower lifting is different in function: lifting steel wire rope, changing steel wire rope, arm frame pull rope, balancing arm rope, car pull rope and so on.
The characteristics of the wire rope are: the strength of the whole root is high, and the entire section is the same size, the strength is the same, the weight is light, the vibration load can be borne, the elasticity is large, the coil can be wound, the motion can be balanced at high speed, and there is no noise.

 After wear, the skin will produce many burrs, which are easy to find and easy to dispose of in time.
(2) Variable car
Tower crane variable amplitude car is a necessary part of the horizontal arm frame tower crane. The whole set of variable amplitude cars consists of frame structure, wire rope, pulley, wheel, guide wheel, wire rope support wheel, wire rope anti-roll, car traction rope tensioner and broken rope insurance.

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For the specialized horizontal arm frame(length is above 50M), a maintenance basket is hung on the side of the variable size car, and maintenance and maintenance can be carried out at each maintenance point.

After the operation is over, the car returns to the root of the arm frame, decouples the hanging basket from the variable size car, and is fixed in a special branch of the arm frame structure.
Other tower parts include pulleys, rotary supports, hooks, and brakes, which are not described in detail here.

R87 Mast Section

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