L68B3 Mast Section rise the big tower crane



How is the tower crane assembled?

First on the ground using auto lift strengthening basic Section and two Section (generally 2-3) L68B3 Mast Section (2.8 M * 1.6 M) with (high strength bolt connection on the embedded good leg in advance, and then install Section above two standards of jack-up set (set with symmetrical activities climbing claws may take in the standard Section of fixed claw stay up set with air), and then, in turn, installing rotary assembly (only when starting to set separate) and rotary tower, the ground on the stitching good balance arm using the tower fast loading according to the head connecting the counterweight balance arm and security requirements, On the ground, a good crane arm is also connected with the quick assembly head on the other side of the tower body. Both processes need to be lifted by a car crane. The pull rods of front and rear arms are connected with the tower cap.

The top of the tower crane, which make use of top litres cylinder sets of jacking frame to a L68B3 Mast Section we can take advantage of the introduction of high platform (across the oil cylinder) and the introduction of the car (sliding on the introduction of platform) to lift the standard Section introduced to set inside, (slewing bearing) on the (standard) with (high strength bolt connection to complete the process of a jack-up, constantly repeat this process, the height of the tower crane can rise to the requirement.

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