L68B3 Mast Section Preparatory work to be done before erecting the tower


The tower needs to do some preparatory work before the tower is erected:
The electrical equipment such as controller and limited-position switch should be inspected. The active control disk in the operating room should be removed and installed on the outdoor bracket to facilitate the operation of the tower.
Tighten the rail clamp and wedge the Anti-Slip wedge under the running wheel.
In order to strengthen the stiffness of the door frame, cross supports can be tied on both sides of the door frame.
The duties of each post should be stipulated before starting, strict division of labor and command and liaison signals. The inspection of the main ground anchor should be the responsibility of an experienced crane. When an abnormal phenomenon such as looseness is found, immediately stop to take measures(additional iron pressure can be added to the ground anchor).
Start the roll up machine, so that the tower body left about 200mm of wooden pallets, immediately stop, check the force of the components in good condition.

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