L68B3 Mast Section Maintenance of tower crane motor


1. Check and maintain the easy maintenance site and key parts.

2. Thoroughly clean the appearance, check the wear and tear, and replace the parts.

3. Refueling, lubricating, cleaning or changing filters.

4. Correct each gap and adjust the braking force.

5. Tighten the parts of each part, including the connecting pin, pin shaft, and front and rear arm lever.

6. Check the reliability and maintenance of various safety devices and wire ropes.

7. The electrician is responsible for the primary maintenance of the electrical part. After the first level of maintenance is completed, the operator registers in the corresponding use of the original record. Level I maintenance time is not less than half a day per month.

L68B3 Mast Section L68B3 mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem

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