L68B3 Mast Section Introduction to the bearing of tower crane turntable


The rotary bearing in the tower crane, also known as the rotary bearing, is a large bearing that can withstand large axial load, radial load and overturning torque at the same time. Rotary bearings are generally equipped with mounting holes, internal or external gears, lubricants and sealing devices, so that the host structure can be compact, reliable guidance, and convenient for maintenance.
Rotary bearings include four-point contact ball bearings with no teeth, outer teeth and inner teeth, double-row contact ball bearings, cross-cylindrical roller bearings, cross-conical roller bearings, and three-row cylindrical roller combined bearings. The four-point contact ball bearing has higher static load capacity. The cross cylindrical roller bearing has higher dynamic load capacity. Cross cone roller bearings can have greater support stiffness and higher rotary precision by preloading.

L68B3 Mast Section L68B3 mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem 

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