L68B3 Mast Section Determination of basic parameters of tower crane


The basic parameters of the tower crane are the height of the tower crane, the length of the arm, and the maximum hanging weight of the arm(ie, the farthest end of the tower crane arm). Except for special circumstances, the maximum lifting weight of the tower crane generally does not need to be considered. According to the length, width and height of the building, the arm length of the tower can be initially determined. The arm length is appropriate to ensure that it can cover all projects and have a slight margin. At present, the length of the tower machine that is often seen is generally 47M, 48M, 50M, 55m, 60m, and 70M. The tower machine with a larger arm length is rarely used by other conditions on the scene.
The height of the tower is as long as it is 10 to 15M higher than the maximum Gaodu Gaochu of the building. The weight of the arm is determined by the weight of the object to be lifted by the civil construction workers. General frame structure type buildings, because the tower machine needs to lift concrete buckets, the weight of the arm is larger; Now the high building of concrete structure has a lower demand for comparison. After the above three parameters are determined, the type of Tower machine can be initially determined.

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