L68B3 Mast Section Design and manufacture of Tower hoist


The tower suspension has mostly adopted a modular approach and combined development in its design and manufacturing. The so-called combination type is to use the tower structure as the core, and to decompose the tower body into several parts according to the structure and functional characteristics, and according to the serialization and generalization requirements. After following the principle of modular system, each part is divided into several modules. According to the requirement of parameters, suitable modules are selected to form tower machines with different technical performance characteristics to meet the specific needs of construction.
Tower lifting helps to speed up the development of the tower machine products, save product development costs, and better customer service. In this way, it brings convenience and particularity to the management of the accessories of the tower machine. Convenience refers to the modular design that allows certain accessories to be common between different models and specifications of Tower machines, while particularity makes some special tower machine accessories more secure for preparation.

L68B3 Mast Section  L68B3 mast section good at  in this field

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