L68B2 Mast Section What are the reasons for the variation of the tower's amplitude


In the operation of the tower crane, there are often faults with different amplitude of the tower crane, and why these failures occur. The following reasons are summarized:
1. Causes of failure: Damage to gear or bearings of the reducer
Solution: replacement
2. Cause of failure: Reduction engine lacks oil
Solution: Identify causes, overhaul and refuel
3. Cause of failure: Steel rope is too tight
Solution: Adjusting the tightness of the wire rope
4. Causes of failure: Wear of elastic sleeve of coupling
Solution: Replacement
5. Fault Causes: Motor Fault
Solution: Find Electrical Fault
6. Causes of failure: Broken roller bearings or pulleys
Solution: Replacement of bearings

L68B2 Mast Section  

L68B2 mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem .

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