L68B2 mast section use for tower crane



Install base section and hoisting standard section. Mount the tower base Section (8570kg) on the foundation and hoist the pre-assembled L68B2 Mast Section (1 Section) on the base Section already assembled and connect it with 8 gans60 (gan60 ×208/285) pin shafts.

Install climbing sleeve frame. Hoist the climbing frame (16760kg in total) onto the mounted tower body, and adjust the clearance (2-3mm) between the climbing frame and the standard section.

Installation of tower crane is divided into independent height and height of two kinds: 1. The height of independent main use mobile crane installation, starting from the bottom beam installation after fastening installed base Section, support Section and in turn L68B2 Mast Section, then part of coat rack installation, the installation tower hat, install jib arm, after finally, finally install the rest of the counterweight block, after the above in place (steam crane installed), is top Section to independent height requirement.

2. Attachment height installation is the same as the above work after the installation of the steam crane, the only additional work is to install the anchor attachment device first, and then jack up through the tower crane's own jacking system section by section until the required height!

3. Tower demolition is the reverse order of installation, wrong step can not be removed!

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