L68B2 Mast Section Operation and maintenance of Tower hoist


1. All electrical lines should be checked regularly. If there is aging, failure, damage, etc., it should be repaired and maintained in a timely manner

2. Operators must be certified and familiar with mechanical maintenance and safety operating procedures. Unconnected personnel must not climb the tower without permission.

3. The installation and use of the tower suspension yard must be carried out without load, static load test, and dynamic load test. The static load test lifting weight is 125 % of the rated load, and the active load test lifting weight is 110 % of the rated load.

4. In addition to the lighting of the tower itself, the construction site should have sufficient lighting equipment.

L68B2 Mast Section   L68B2 mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem

5. The operation of the tower crane must implement the Sanding system, and the driver's operation must be strictly implemented according to the operation rules of the tower crane. When handling electrical faults, two or more maintenance personnel are required.
6. The driver should keep a high concentration while the tower is on the spot to avoid collision with the surrounding buildings.

7. Tower hoists should be constantly inspected, maintained and maintained. The transmission parts should be adequately lubricated. The vulnerable parts should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. The connection bolts, especially those parts that are often vibrating, should be checked for looseness. If they are loosed, they must be tightened in a timely manner.

8. Check and modulate the gap between Zhidongwa and the brake wheel to ensure that the brake is sensitive and reliable. The gap is between 0.5 and 1mm, and there should be no dirt such as oil pollution on the friction surface.

9. The maintenance and maintenance of wire ropes shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the provisions of GB5144. When it is found that there are more than the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately.

10. All structures, welds and associated members of the tower crane should be repaired in time if they are damaged, deformed, loosened, corroded and cracked.

L68B2 Mast Section   L68B2 mast section the specification can suitable this situaton no problem

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