L68B1 Mast Section Operating procedures for tower hoist rental equipment


Five major regulations for tower crane rental equipment:
1. If the equipment is in operation, if there is an abnormal condition of the machine, it should be shut down and checked immediately. It can not be operated until the failure is resolved.
2. When loading heavy objects, you should first leave the ground for a certain distance, and check that the braking is reliable before proceeding.
3. Before use, check that the metal structure parts and appearance are in good condition, the sound is normal when the empty load is running, the heavy-duty experimental braking is reliable, the safety limits and protective devices are complete and intact, and the movements are sensitive and reliable before operation.
4. When operating each controller, it should be operated step by step, and it is forbidden to cross the file. When changing the direction of operation, the operating handle should be zeroed, and the motor should stop rotating before switching operations, so as to be stable, and it is forbidden to rush to stop.
5. Strictly hold a license, strictly prohibit drunk operations, prohibit the use of trip switches instead of parking operations, prohibit illegal operations and unauthorized departure from work or the machine to drive with others.

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