L68B1 Mast Section how to rise tower crane



The tower crane is initially installed by other cranes, automobile cranes or crawler cranes. The foundation of the tower crane is placed on the concrete foundation, in which anchoring bolts or steel bars are embedded. Mast Section of tower crane is composed of L68B1 Mast Section. Additional segments are added when the height is not high enough to be raised.


Firstly, the tower crane will lift a segment up to the highest segment of the tower crane, and then send the L68B1 Mast Section to the nearest place to the tower body. Then, the jack is installed, the height of a segment at the top of the tower crane is lowered, and the hanging segment is pulled in.


The tower crane adds a section. To a certain height, the tower crane should be installed to support the wall, that is, the tower crane and the building between a connection, increase the stability of the tower crane.

Tower crane is composed of foundation, tower body, forearm, rear arm, counterweight, rotary mechanism, tower cap and operation room.

What you said is how the tower crane realizes the lifting section. The tower is made of steel lattice columns. It's just sections of steel welded into a frame. At the top of the tower, there is a sleeve. It's about the height of a standard section, just outside the standard section. Normally, tower crane is put on standard section above, cover frame does not bear force. During the lifting, a hydraulic jack is used to lift the tower crane from the sleeve. The tower crane is pressed on the sleeve and then on the standard section through the jack. The tower crane rises, together with the sleeve. If there is more than one standard section, the tower crane will lift a new standard section, put it in the sleeve and fix it. The jack is loose. The tower crane falls back to the standard section. And so on.

Anyway, it's how a car jack changes a tire.

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