L68B1 Mast Section Attention to Installation(Dismantling)


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1. The installation(disassembly) of the tower machine should be carried out when the wind is less than the fourth grade.
2. Due to the frequent use, poor working conditions, and complicated force of the raised wire rope during installation(disassembly), the wire rope must be checked at any time during the entire installation(disassembly) process and the problem must be solved in a timely manner.
3. Check the oil surface of each reducer and pay attention to adding sufficient lubricant.
4. All detachable pins, high-strength bolts, and high-strength nuts of each part of the tower are special special parts and must not be replaced at will.
5. The installation location of the tower machine at the construction site must ensure that the maximum rotating part of the tower machine is a safe distance of more than 6 meters from the transmission line.
6. Carefully inspect the concrete foundation and can not be installed without meeting the requirements.
7. The installer must wear a helmet when entering the construction site. You must fasten your seat belt while working high.
8. During the entire installation(removal) process, the lifting or lifting of the lift must be resolved in time as soon as other faults are discovered. No lifting or lifting shall be forced.
9. Be sure to adjust the brakes of the lifting mechanism in advance.
10. When lifting the balance arm Heqi, if the arm can not pull the arm again, but each time it rises again, the wire rope must be checked.
11. It is strictly forbidden to install only one wire rope clip when fixing steel wire rope.
12. Non-staff members are prohibited from entering the work site.
13. It is strictly forbidden to interrupt the operation by installing(removing) only one arm frame during installation(disassembly).

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