L68A1 Mast Section Tower Machine Installation Requirements


1. There is no fatigue damage to the metal structure part, and there is no leakage welding, cracking and dewelding of the weld seam;
2. The connecting bolts must be firmly attached and have loose-proof parts;
3. Complete and effective safety protection devices(five limits, four insurance);
4. Each brake is reasonably adjusted. Each rotating part has no different sound and is well lubricated. After installation, the rotating parts must ensure flexibility of rotation and must not have frictional contact with any fixed parts.
5. The wire rope end of each system is correctly wound, and all wire rope heads are firmly and reliably fixed and inspected. The cable has no broken wire, hair and aging phenomenon. The wire rope is lubricated well and there is no sludge rust. There is no fracture damage to the pulley assembly. There is no deformation, damage and wear of the hook above standard. Be grounded reliably and well.
6. The paint has no peeling, and the weight must be piled according to regulations. The location is reasonable to ensure the stability of the slope.

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