L68A1 Mast Section Structural characteristics of flat tower crane


The absence of Tower heads and pull rods is the most prominent structural feature of the flat head tower machine, which is also the origin of the name of the flat head tower. Because of this special structural form, the flat head tower is qualitatively different from the tower with a tower head, which also determines the unique advantages and disadvantages of the flat head tower.
Compared with the horizontal arm with the tower head and the pull rod, the loading condition and connection mode of the crane arm of the flat head tower are different. After the tower is erected, whether it is a working state or a non-working state, the loading state of the upper and lower main strings of the flat tower boom and the balance arm remains unchanged. The upper strut is mainly pulled, the lower strut is mainly pressed, and there is no influence of the alternating stress. The mechanical model is single and concise. 

L68A1 Mast Section L68A1 mast section good at  in this field

L68A1 Mast SectionThis is based on the point, the design of the flat head tower crane arm is more simple, very convenient for the rapid disassembly between the arms, the modern flat head tower crane arm most of the space truss structure using the regular triangular section is mainly to consider this force. The upper string is connected by a pin shaft to withstand the tension, and the lower string is subjected to pressure by the section of the joint. In this way, the connection of the lower string is very simple, relying only on two positioning pins and locking bolts. When installing, the upper pin shaft is first connected, and then the lower arm joint is lowered. The two locking pins are automatically in place and the bolts can be put on. The arm joints are mainly connected by a large pin shaft of the upper string, which saves energy and work. This is the flat head. One of the characteristics of the tower machine.

L68A1 Mast Section L68A1 mast section good at  in this field

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