L68A1 Mast Section Stack Standard Festival Installation Skills


1. Install a standard section on the bottom shelf.

2. The balance arm is placed and anchored to the standard section of the tower body.

3. Put the boom on the lifting rope and fix it on the main spin rod with the standard section near the end of the balancing arm.

4. Hang the second standard section to the first standard section and fix it, and then raise the boom by 2M. Note that the upper guide clip is fixed before ascension.

5. Hang the support section to the second standard section and fix the distance of the lifting section of the boom. Install three slant support rods, fix one end of the boom for the time being do not install a fourth.

6. Hang up a section of reinforcement section to the upper part of the support section and fix the distance of the lifting section of the boom section. At this point the boom is separated from the support point of the support joint.

7. Install the fourth oblique support and then use the theodolite to correct the vertical height of the tower to 1/1000.

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