L68A1 mast section rise tower crane


 The foundation of the tower crane is usually fixed with concrete. After the foundation is fixed, the foundation section of the tower crane can be installed. It is also one of the core parts of the tower crane.

After installation to a certain height, the tower crane itself has its own a liter set, the L68A1 Mast Section of heightening or shift process, through the staff will set up operation, and will set aside space between buildings and up set, in the place the objects in this space, by completing the heightening of tower crane, as L68A1 Mast Section are added to the height of the tower crane is also rising.

Inside the tower, there is an oil jack for later climbing up. When the building layer by layer up, the height has reached the tower crane, it will be climbing work. Fixed tower crane tower crane engineer will screw loosening, jack, will cranes rise about one meter, then pillar fixed on the structure of the building, and then narrowed jack and will be at the bottom of the fixed on the building structure, and loosen the upper screw, hold up a jack, rose again one meter, so repeatedly, backwards, a stretched to the desired height, then pillar is fixed. When the tower crane is to be dismantled when the building is completed, a small crane will be lifted to the roof by the tower crane. Then, the tower crane will be lowered to the roof by the contraction of the jack. Then it will be broken down into several sections. After the demolition of the tower crane, it is necessary to repair the ground by the original structure of the tower crane. Another way is to extend the column with its own jack, and then use its own boom to lift a section of the column into it, and then pull up the jack, and then the column becomes longer.

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