L68A1 Mast Section Method of building a tower


The crane used in the high-rise building is a multi-section combination, and the bottom section is a hydraulic assembly unit. When raised, the hydraulic assembly unit rises to raise the crane, and a section is loaded into the base, so that so on.

Do the tower lifting foundation first, then use the car crane to install the tower hanging base on the basis, then install the heavy arm and weight, as the floor rises the tower to lift, the tower crane has its own hydraulic overhead system, one or more sections from the suspension to the tower top can be connected. The tower is anchored to the building. Reverse operation when dismantling.

There are four jacks on the bottom of the tower crane table, which is the upper part of the tower body. The top tower cage(each section of the tower body becomes a tower cage) is larger than the lower one(just enough to fit a small tower cage).), When it is necessary to increase the height, use the Jack to raise the upper table to just one small tower cage and add it to the large one. The small tower cage is bolted and then the tall tower cage is fixed. Tower crane design is the most critical.

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