L68A1 Mast Section Key points of Tower lifting inspection: metal structure inspection, electrical components inspection


Elements for Metal Structure Inspection:
Check the metal structure, especially high-strength bolts. The connecting surface should be cleaned of dust, paint, no trace and rust, and tightened with a torque or special wrench as required by the assembly technology. Check the drive system of each mechanism, including the bearing clearance of each working transmission mechanism is appropriate, the gear meshing is good and the brake is sensitive. Check the wear and tear of the wire rope and pulley, and whether the fixation is reliable.

L68A1 Mast Section

Electrical components check points:
Check that the electrical components are good, the contact points are closed, and the connection is correct and reliable. Check whether the running wheel is in good contact with the track and whether the clamping clamp is reliable. Whether the connecting bolts and clamping blocks are firm and reliable when installing the attachment device and internal climbing device. Whether the lightning protection grounding is safe and reliable. Whether the base drainage is smooth. Whether the limiting device is complete, sensitive and reliable.

L68A1 Mast Section

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