L68A1 Mast Section How far between the towers is it safe


When the project is large and the time is tight, many towers are usually arranged to work at the same time. There will be the possibility of collision in tower lifting. How to ensure that the work of multiple tower lifting does not interfere with each other. In this article, we discuss: How far is it safe to maintain the distance between tower cranes?

L68A1 Mast Section

When the tower is hung in the plane layout, it is necessary to draw a floor plan, especially in real estate development areas. There are many residential buildings and towers are hanging like forests. It is also necessary to consider the safe distance of the adjacent tower hanging, and to ensure not less than 2 m in both horizontal and vertical directions. Safe distance, The tower body of the adjacent tower crane, Heqi, can not interfere with the heavy arm. As far as possible, the tower can be freely rotated when the wind is too large. The safe distance between the rear arm of the tower and the adjacent building is not less than 50cm. The safety distance between the tower crane and the transmission line meets the requirements.
The safety distance between the tower crane and the transmission line does not meet the stipulated requirements for the tower to set up a protective frame. In principle, the protective frame should be set up for power outages. Metal materials must not be used, and bamboo poles and other materials can be used. The distance between bamboo poles and power lines must not be less than 1M and there must be a certain degree of stability to prevent strong winds from blowing down.

L68A1 Mast Section

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